Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Web Design
by: mastura hamzah

Yesterday, I have presented my design. 3 situations that I have to fulfill , like the date, avoiding homework and dream vacation. So these were the result that I've designed to show to U all. If U all have any suggestion, U can give comment to me:

First Design

Main Page(index)
This is the main page for the date title. This website als, about food(dishes). Search function is also inside in this website. Title name that was given for this website is CaribeCentral.Com.

Inner Page
Whilelist, this is the inner page for website. Search button also has,to fine location(shop at nearly with their home). ZipCode, it's the keyword to fine the location that user want to go. At this page also has, comment section to user to comment about the shop that the user go. Beside that, user can review comment from other user. This mentod also can help user, to decide which want restaurant that's good and suitable for them.

Second Design

Main Page

This is the main page for 2nd situation. Title, for this website is caribe buddies. At the main page has, login section and registration for new user. This website use by school student(guys).

Inner Page(Chat Room)

This page for user to communicated between each other. Firstly, user must login or register before user go to the chat room page. Beside that, user can know which want friends is online at the list of friend.

Inner Page(Search Food/Drink)
This page, use for user to search about food and drink. Just choose at the check list (scrool down).

Third Design

Main Page
This is the main page for situatin three. This website is als about tourism to promote about St.Maarteen at Caribbean Island. This page has history about St. Maarteen. So, that why user can know about St. Maarteen and an enviroments at St Maarteen places.

Inner Page (Badget)


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